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Humans & Estuaries
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Humans and the Estuary - Part 1

Humans have used estuaries in many different ways. In your notebook, open to a new page. Give it the title "Humans and Estuaries" and write down three or more things that you think estuaries are used for. How do you think these uses have affected the estuary system?

Humans and the Estuary - Part 2

Go to these websites to read about how humans use estuaries.

Dike - Padilla Bay
Dike built to create farmland

Humans and the Estuary - Part 3

Estuaries are important to plants, animals, and humans. Click on the links below to find out some things you can do to protect estuaries.

In your notebook, write down two things that you will do, starting today, to protect estuaries. Why did you choose these two things?

Be prepared for our whole-group discussion time by having your notebook filled out with the following items:
  1. What you've learned today.
  2. Any questions you still have about humans and estuaries.
  3. Interesting things you'd like to share (such as scientific drawings, interesting facts, etc.).

Become an estuary expert!

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