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Estuary Inputs and Outputs
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Estuary Inputs & Outputs

You've learned a lot about the structures of the estuary and their functions. Think about what each of these structures brings to the estuary (inputs) and what they take from the estuary (outputs). Open your notebook to a new page labelled "Inputs & Outputs."
On your notebook page, make a table like the one to the right. (You can click on the image and then print it out to tape in your notebook if you'd like.) Write the inputs to the system inside the circle and write the outputs from the system outside the circle.

Be prepared for our whole-group discussion time by having your notebook filled out with the following items:
  1. What you've learned today.
  2. Any questions you still have about estuary inputs and outputs.
  3. Interesting things you'd like to share (such as scientific drawings, interesting facts, etc.).

Estuary Inputs and Outputs

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