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Watersheds - Part 1

Watersheds are an important structure of the estuary system. To the right is a map of the Puget Sound watershed.

First, open your notebook to a new page. Label it with the title "Watershed" and today's date. On this page, write down what you think a watershed is and any questions you have about watersheds.

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Watersheds - Part 2

Next, you are going to explore the watershed by playing "The Watershed Game." Click on the link below, type in your first name and click on "Let's go!" Be sure to start by clicking on Novice Level.
After you finish the Novice Level, there will be four areas for you to study (National Park, Agriculture, Neighborhood and City). In your journal, divide the rest of your watershed page into four areas. Label each with the four areas you'll be studying.
As you visit each area, describe one of the decisions you made. Why did you choose to do this? Click on the picture to the right to see an example.

The Watershed Game

Now that you've played the Watershed Game, take some time to write in your notebook.
  1. What is a watershed? (Not sure? Click on the watershed link below.)
  2. What did you learn about watersheds using the Watershed Game?


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Watersheds - Part 3

First, open your notebook to a new page. Label it with today's date and the title "Puyallup River Picture." Below is a picture of the Puyallup river draining into Commencement Bay in Puget Sound. In your notebook, describe what you see in the picture.
If you click on the picture, you can see other river deltas (places where rivers drain into lakes or oceans).

Puyallup River into Commencement Bay

This picture shows sediment flowing into the bay from the Puyallup River. What do you think would happen if someone was working on their car and let some gas our oil run into the Puyallup River? How would it affect the estuary system? Write your answers in your notebook.


Notebook example

Be prepared for our whole-group discussion time by having your notebook filled out with the following items:
  1. What you've learned today.
  2. Any questions you still have about watersheds.
  3. Interesting things you'd like to share (such as scientific drawings, interesting facts, etc.).

Become an estuary expert!

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